Zaks designs

Zaks designs

Zaks designsZaks designsZaks designs

A House of Fashion Garments 

Boutique Manufacturer

Who are we


Zaks Designs is a specialist manufacturer of High Fashion Garments, servicing Luxury/Boutique Brands and Designers. 

At Zaks, our core focus is innovative fabrics and high quality garments which meet the Global Standards.

We are here to provide you with the best of services for Luxury Boutique Garments and other textile design production needs. Our main attraction is our great quality and fabric sourcing from Mills and Handlooms.

International bench-mark and high trade standards, backed with commitnent to quality, delivery and promise, are not only our key to success, but also our stride to capturing our customers vision and experience. We at Zaks designs with asset being our experts try to focus more on quality, that speaks, rather than qauntity, that shouts.



Our experts here at our studio know what is required. 

Step One is always important


When you provide us with your design, it is brought to life. 

It is our job to understand your needs.


Sourcing & Sampling

One of our key strength is to create reality from design and desire.

We source the most authentic and genuine textiles, which are only quality. 

We work closely with your design team to provide all support from fabric sourcing to fabric for sampling and create the right product which suits your needs

From fabric to dyeing to to embroidery, and finalisation product, we handle your programs of sampling with utmost care.


A very competent team to handle all prodcution needs, well trained to deliver the best. We do not compromise in building or creating something that is close to your heart.

It is very important for us to cater you with the right output that is needed.