Zaks Designs was extablished as a part of the Shahid Group ( ) Textiles business in the late 90s. With 20 years of experience in handling textiles and fabric, it has reinvented itself as a high-end boutique manufacturer, simply to focus on best. 

Zaks is not a mass production studio, but a boutique manufacturer that keeps in mind what today's designers require.
Zaks continues to strive to deliver the best in its class with key focus on customer service and satisfaction. Over the years, it sought newer opportunities to expand in similar arenas and now has 2 main product lines in the textile business:           

  1.  High Fashion Boutique Garments
  2.  Home Textiles

Our Speciality and Expertise also include Sourcing in Mill Made & Specialised Handloom Fabrics.

Some Of Our Clients

Khadi and Co.


Saint Laurent


Art Fusion


Neu Nomads


Jan Machenhauer & Zone1





The team at Zaks Designs are undeniably the crucial source of our success and also the distinguishing part of our company. 

Our infrastructure is suited to understand and deliver only the best quality.

We have set very high standards in our facility and we continue to focus on the development of our facility based on the requirements of our customers only.

Our Experts



We, at Zaks Designs, are talented and deft bunch of individuals, who work rigorously towards your expectations and focus on garments manufacturing process as well as home textiles. We keep our standards at par with the International fashion Industry and we strive to keep the exposure of other sources very selective. We are designers, Technical specialists, pattern readers and a wide source of networking specialist towards the fabric. We have a variety of skilled individuals at our disposal, from Our Head Master to Pattern Cutters,  Stitchers and Finishing team



Embroidery Experts 

Sourced Hand Weavers 

Pattern Cutters 

Machine Stitchers 

European Standard Experienced Tailors 

Quality Assurance Specialists 

Packaging Specialists 


Textile Experts etc.